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ေခတ္အခါနဲ႔အညီ ခုတေလာေခတ္စားေနလို႔ အသံုးဝင္သူမ်ား
လိုသလိုအသံုးခ်ႏိုင္ရန္ သိသမွ် browsers ေတြအကုန္တင္ေပးထားပါတယ္၊အဆင္ေျပႏိုင္ၾကပါလိမ့္မယ္..

Blazer from Palm, Inc
Blazer from Palm, Inc
Current version: 4.5

UC Browser from UCWEB Technology
UC Browser from UCWEB TechnologyFree browser for a variety of cell phones.
Current version: 7

JOCA from InteracT!V
Free mobile browser for the Symbian cell phones. The most popular mobile web browser in China with over 60 million users.
Current version: 3.1
Opera Mini from Opera Software ASA
Opera Mini from Opera Software ASAProbably the world's most popular mobile web browser.
Current version: 5.1.21216

Bolt from Bitstream Inc.
Bolt from Bitstream Inc.The free Bolt browser gives users a fast, efficient and feature-rich way to enjoy full PC-style web pages and rich media applications on the tiny screens of their mobile devices.
Current version: 2.11
Fennec from Mozilla
Fennec from MozillaFennec is a microbrowser for mobile phones and PDAs. It is based on Firefox but has a completely different interface (and rightly so!).
Current version: 1.1

iBisBrowser from ibis inc.
iBisBrowser from ibis inc.Developed by a Japanese company and very popular in that country, the ibisBrowser is based on both Java and C++ (for Windows Mobile phones).

Teashark from Teashark
Teashark from TeasharkThe Teashark free mobile browser delivers a web page quite like desktop browsers. It offers a 2-level zoom, landscape mode, bookmark management with color tagging and much more.
Current version: 0.419 beta

Internet Explorer Mobile from Microsoft
Internet Explorer Mobile from MicrosoftIE Mobile is a microbrowser that runs on both Windows mobile and CE platforms.
Current version: 6

Iris Browser from Torch Mobile
Iris Browser from Torch MobileIris browser developed by Torch Mobile runs on Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Qt and Qtopia and offers a customizable interface, touch screen controls, zoom and tap functions, multiple windows and tabs and much more.
Current version: 2
MicroBMicroB is Nokia's Mozilla based browser for maemo that can also be extended with available plugins. It has AJAX support and supports XML to render RSS feeds.
Current version: 1.0.4

Minimo from Mozilla (Doug Turner)
Minimo from Mozilla (Doug Turner)Free open source cross platform mobile web browser with tab browsing and RSS support.
Current version: 0.2

Obigo Browser from OBIGO
Obigo Browser from OBIGOThe Obigo browser works on many mobile platforms including Windows Mobile and Symbian. It suports zoom, multiple windows, touch screen and has an RSS reader.
Current version: Q7.3-1.2
Steel from Kolbysoft (Michael Kolb)
Steel from Kolbysoft (Michael Kolb)The free Steel mobile web browser has been developed by Michael Kolb for the Android operating system. The browser gives full screen browsing with auto-rotation and a virtual keyboard. It supposedly has a much better touch-friendly interface than the built-in Android browser.
Current version: 0.1.1
OzoneThe Ozone web browser can run on S60 and UIQ based mobile phones. It offers multiple windows, zooming and panning, auto-complete URL editing, pop-up blocking and a lot more.
Current version: 0.9
Skyfire from Skyfire
Skyfire from SkyfireSkyfire is a freeware mobile browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 operating systems. With support for full Flash and Windows Media videos, Skyfire lets you browse any web page exactly like you do on a computer. It is also supposedly very fast and adheres to the major Web 2.0 standards.
Current version: 2.2
Skweezer from Skweezer, Inc.
Skweezer from Skweezer, Inc.Skweeder is a mobile HTML transcoder which reformats and compresses web content to reduce web page size so that it can be displayed quickly and properly on the small mobile device screen.

UZard Web from Logicplant Co.,Ltd.
UZard Web from Logicplant Co.,Ltd.UZard Web is a cross platform mobile web browser that allows users to view full web pages instead of the ""mobile versions"". The browser thus shows the same screen as you see on the computer. Supposedly the fastest mobile web browser, UZard Web doesn't require high processing power and can be easily customized.
Current version: 1.1.16
jB5 Browser from Comviva
jB5 Browser from ComvivaThe jB5 Mobile browser can be made to run on several different platforms like Linux, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Brew.

Vision Mobile Browser from Novarra Inc.
Vision Mobile Browser from Novarra Inc.Vision browser supports Flash, video, full HTML, complex JavaScript, AJAX, RSS and widgets.
Current version: 8

Safari from Apple Inc.
Safari from Apple Inc.Safari is a mobile browser used primarily on iPhones and the iTouch. It renders the complete web page and not a scaled down version. The user-friendliness of the iPhone coupled with Safari has helped the device get almost 65% share of mobile web usage.
Current version: 4.0.5
Netfront from Access Co. Ltd.
Netfront from Access Co. Ltd.Developed by a Japanese company, Netfront is a microbrowser used on mobile phones, PDAs, same consoles (Sony Play Station Portable).
Current version: 4

Polaris from Infraware
Polaris from InfrawareThe Polaris web browser can be made to run on any operating system and is easily customizable. It is used on mobile phones from companies like Samsung, LG etc.
Current version: 7
WinWAP from WinWAP technologies
WinWAP from WinWAP technologiesWinWAP as its name suggests is a mobile web browser for devices that run Windows Mobile operating system. The browser is not free.
Current version: 4.1

BlackBerry browser from BlackBerry
BlackBerry browser from BlackBerryThe Blackberry browser lets you surf full HTML content with the ability to download ringtones, video and audio files.
Current version: 5

Android Browser from Google
Android Browser from GoogleThe native web browser on G1. Will probably be replaced by mobile version of Chrome.

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